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June 25 2015


Alessandro Del Piero Visit Vespa Day in Viet Nam

Alessandro Del Piero Visit Vespa Day in Viet Nam
Italy football legends, as well as global brand ambassador Vespa, Alessandro Del Piero was present in Hanoi to interact directly with the Vespa enthusiasts and lovers of football.

The presence of Alessandro Del Piero in the Hanoi at once introduced the Vespa Sprint Special Edition in the world, i.e. Vespa Sprint "Del Piero" to be included in the activity of charity auction. The money the auction proceeds will be given to the national children's Hospital in Hanoi as part of the program "Vespa for children" Piaggio Group.

In Asia, the Vespa is a real representation of the value and spirit of Italy, who had been living with great success. So it is with football in Italy and Alessandro Del Piero; they were able to attract millions of fans in Asia, which provides excitement in the life of their fans, and make the time more enjoyable.
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