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August 18 2014


Rusman Fadil projected onto Motor Sport

The team's drivers Yamaha Yamalube BKMS, Rusman Fadil apparently middle is projected to be a sports motorcycle racer. This underbone drivers already wear  http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/07/harga-honda-megapro-fi.html test Yamaha R6 600 cc in Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) II June 2014 and will return for directing R6 in YRA 3 this August 28-29.

This Papua origin man reveals that his racing career next year activities towards motorcycle racing sport.

"According to Mr. Supriyanto (Manager of motorsport Yamaha Indonesia) http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/03/honda-cb-150-r-motor.html directions to the sport," said Rusman on the sidelines one brand of racing, Yamaha Cup Race in ex Polonia airport, Medan, North Sumatra (17/8).

Even the uninitiated will plunge in the 250 cc class of sport or 600 cc, he remained enthusiastic about following the referral competition from Yamaha Indonesia.
"I'll join the keep the spirit 250 cc. Right before the ride a 600 cc race practice can still be in the 250 cc class in the past, "he said while telling you time on the circuit lapnya Sentul, West Java, 1 minute 35 seconds and is quick to try new drivers sport 600 cc
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Buffalo Play Direction Kawasaki Ninja 250 Fi vs. Yamaha R25, who's more agile?

Kawasaki Ninja 250 Fi
Swivel radius figures from motor sport which dibanderol Usd 61,6 million  http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/08/harga-honda-revo-fi.html (type special edition and ABS) is 35 degrees. Enggak no problems which means, when it is tested through a regulated distance kun approximately 3 metres.

But it is another story when asked to rotate direction. Good is tested on the Highways or in enclosed areas. When the receiver is turning to the left, direction of the hands on the handlebars attached to the tank. Nah this is certainly too much to cause problems. Toh rider can still be set open gas http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/08/harga-honda-spacy.html cap while turning maneuver direction.
Unfortunately on the highway, the turning direction of the Affairs of the baseball everything to the left. Actually a lot more behind it to the right direction and this is where a problem has occurred with the Ninja 250Fi.

When Ninja 250Fi invited spinning to the right, the new rider kudu familiarize yourself beforehand. That's because when asked to turn the direction to the right, the right hand holds the gas grip Muscovy duck tank.

The rider can make awkward and difficult to twist grip throttle. Must be disiasati and need to be on the way-off, so that the process turn the direction baseball is too broken. If it should turn broken, balance with the appropriate body position direction of turn and also could walk down from the footstep.
Yamaha YZF-R25
Motor sport products global output this Yamaha radius putarnya beda thin with Ninja 250Fi, i.e. 34 degrees only. It can be ascertained, with rotating radius beti (unlike thin), the Affairs of the snaking between kun kagak TUH no problems which means.

It is enough to balance the weight of the rider, turn back toward the left of the aman-safe only. It means a different twist with a radius of thin with Ninja 250 Fi, the result is the same.

How do when invited to maneuver the playback to the right? Wait, can read more. Hehehehe ... you kidding kok, we directly test how the playback to the right with the R25.
Right hand of the rider touches the tank, but there's still a little gap that can be used for turning the gas grip. Needs to be underlined that there is a slight pause and actually twist the grip process gas when the playback is also very limited.

Still can make awkward rider, but baseball as the playback on the Ninja 250Fi.
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MotoGP: Dani Pedrosa; "Today was not his best Day

The feeling of Dani Pedrosa after race won the MotoGP series 11 in Brno circuit, Czech Republic, yesterday (17/8) http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/04/harga-minerva-r-150-vx-motor-cbr-nya.html turbulent is happy. He says, this success as a "special feeling" inasmuch as its second driver.

Pedrosa earned success is not by chance that put an end to the dominance of his colleague Marc Marquez. In this race series 11, Marquez ready menorehklan new history in Brno dengnan grabbed 11 straight victories.

Recognized by Pedrosa that after victory it has more meaning. "It's very important to have the first victory of the year. The best time when I came to where the placement of http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/04/harga-motor-yamaha-r15-di-indonesia.html  motorcycle pememang, and together face the mechanics. Happiness that makes balapabn so special, "recalls Pedrosa.
Pedrosa took over the command of the race from Jorge Lorenzo on lap 5. "Jorge is very strong in the first lap, so I had to change plans and increase the speed to call, "driver pounced Spain is.

So long new Pedrosa could bulldoze Lorenzo, while from the side of the performance, the Honda RC213V is far superior than the Yamaha YZ M1. According to the confession of Pedrosa as he was a little troubled with grip tires each out bend in the first lap.

In the fourth lap, he began pressing the Yamaha and in one corner on the next lap, Lorenzo had was spent. Lap by lap he managed to keep the rhythm of the race and found that successfully defended until the finish.
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The latest Ford Mustang shortly Available steering wheel Right

Ford Mustang, iconic American muscle car, the offing could already piloted in Indonesia, because http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/03/harga-yamaha-vixion.html Ford were preparing version right from the steering wheel Ford Mustang.

Ford enthusiasts in the world, not only Indonesia, but also Australia, South Africa, Stations, will be steering the right version of the Ford Mustang. Ford says it will soon begin a series of test.

As reported by Autoevolution today (18/8) this step is a first time after 50 years Ford convert steering wheel Ford Mustang steering wheel version right out of the production line and is ready to be marketed.

There is a choice of three engines were offered, the first engine capacity 3.7 liter V6 http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/04/harga-yamaha-vixion-new-lightning-2014.html berkonfigurasi can generate power of 300 dk torsinya and 380 Nm.
The second engine option is bigger and powerful engines, namely the capacity of 5.0-liter V8 combustion chamber configuration, so that the upgraded version is able to spout power amounted to 435 dk and torsinya 542 Nm.

Another one, the latest and most sophisticated engines from Ford, the EcoBoost engine capacity 2.3 liters but only able to generate power of 310 dk and torsinya 434 Nm.

With this news, we just look forward to the courage of the Ford Motor Indonesia to bring Mustang steering wheel right version.

Yamaha Special Edition Garuda Only There For This Reason, GT125

Today (18/8) PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) released the special edition titled "Garuda Fighting Spirit". Interestingly, this model exists only at skutik GT125, why only these models only?"We deliberately did not install on the other types because of its incredible growth GT125. The best type and according to marketnya,
 "open Dyonisius Beti, Vice President http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/07/harga-yamaha-r25.html Director of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).
Yamaha GT125 is highest matik currently in the model line up Yamaha Indonesia. 125cc engine with fuel injection YMJet technology with diverse features such flagship smart key, smart shutter standalone switches and smart lock system.

"GT125 is a model of the most prestigious in the segment and the wearer is skutik young subjects, we would like to hearten the nationalism of the young child," chimes in this friendly guy.

In addition this model is is line up with the contribution Team Yamaha Indonesia is quite large. From technical http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/07/harga-jupiter-mx-2014.htmldevelopment to the design of the body and recent graphics stripingnya.
Design concepts are given on the motor this is the "Garuda Fighting Spirit" which expresses the spirit of patriotism and struggle against Indonesia. By design there are three traits on the graphic.

The first is the Garuda signature head, a silhouette design of garuda at the front of the body. Second is the Garuda signature wing on the rear body which represents speed as garuda to ambush prey.
And last is the Garuda carving mark, gragia carved garuda from Ramayana story that is located on the inside of the existing graphics. For there are two colors, a Brave red Garuda and Lions Glory with gold color that symbolizes the triumph.

Are for the price of jualnya, this bike is just more expensive Rp 100 thousand on the road compared to the standard version of Jakarta
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