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Test Ride Yamaha YZF-R6 at the Sentul Circuit, Sped up to 245 Km/h

The old hose from the first ride late last year, finally there is a chance to test ride Yamaha YZF-R6. Playing opportunity was in Sentul, fit in with the spirit of this bike as moge supersport, like the passage in the Yamaha website, "This bike was born on the race track".
Given the chance to try http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/03/harga-motor-honda-beat.html out the motor sold $ 220 million OTR Jakarta is quite fair, can bulldoze Sentul about 10 laps, but could be more sudden heavy rain cut off the typical weather rain as the city of Bogor.

Lap-Lap scratch as usual to the character of the motor adaptation, either from a sitting position, handling, power, engine brake the brake until the new doctrine after the gas pol.
Front suspension rear redamannya fitting enough, baseball makes understeer or aft ngebuang. But not set up, it is still the http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/05/harga-yamaha-t-max.html standard factory default. If there's more time and given a chance the suspension settings is definitely more fun tuh.

The typical 4-cylinder engine power in line DOHC 16 a.k.a. overbore, bore x stroke of 67 x 42.5 mm, ngacir in middle to top rpm. The engine will be screeching if the rpm needle already touched the 10,000 rpm, or shortly before the peak torque 65,7 Nm @ 10,500 rpm, and is very easy to touch the 16,000 rpm. But the gearshift is quite done at 15,000 rpm peak power shortly after 122,5 dk @ 14,500 rpm.
So in order to keep toned bend backwards, the machine must spin put on hold for a minimum of 8,000 rpm 's, so to go back to the range of rpm-powered is easier, if you drop below that there must have been a momentary pause.

Under 10,000 rpm motor horsepower 600 cc is indeed smooth, effects of technology YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle-), which was set up in low-rpm power baseball explosiveness but sadistic in the middle to the top, so that the rider more comfortable.

Other comfort feels when going into the bend, when the lower teeth symptoms of rear wheels lock up due to engine brake including small, because fitted slipper clutch.

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