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Comparisons of Aftermarket Exhausts For 5 Yamaha R15, this result!

The Yamaha YZF-R15 is referred to as a remedy for those who are handsome driving it. Let the more handsome of course upgrades the look could have been done, but if you want a more handsome while simultaneously increasing http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/search/label/Yamaha performance mounts, aftermarket exhaust applications can bro. Incidentally there have been several brands that provide it loh.

AUTOMOTIVE managed to raise 5 aftermarket exhaust iconic brands. Design an ugly deh Nah there, all of which have respective advantages, including the ability increases stamina engine motor for Rp 28 million. So in addition to providing brand choices are already available, all engine dyno tested wear deh.

Dynojet dyno machine usage measured 250i Sportisi workshop belongs to Motorsport in Rawamangun, Bundaberg, engine performance standards http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/05/harga-yamaha-x-ride.html  measurable 13.75 dk @ 8600 rpm and torque of 12.48 Nm @ 7,300 rpm. And how after install aftermarket exhaust? Check out the result here bro!
The shape is like a trumpet with the tip (cones) of plastic exhaust with embos RX8. Type tested this time around there's a New RX8 TriOval RC1 for Rp 1.75 million. "The character of this exhaust is suitable for daily use that stop and go," said Opus, as Marketing RX8.

The talk test results, 13,86 dk @ 8,300 rpm and 7,200 rpm Nm @ 12.76 so the numbers able to written. It means there is a rising 0.11 0.28 Nm torque and d.k.. these Increases were obtained at lower engine revolutions. Exhaust for sale including DB killer and the adapter so that the baseball slang with rear brake rub together.
This brand is still a manufacturer with the RX8, but the design of the exhaust silencer and the slope is different kok. This time the Unit test type of Oval K2 Rp 1.2 million to stainless material doff. The dimensions are to be fitted with a motor, so it remained unsightly.

Keep how about performance? Power touch recorded 14.08 dk @ 8600 rpm and of torque @ 7700 rpm 12,54 Nm. There is a rising 0.33 dk and torque 0.06 Nm. dyno graph as seen from the WRX was able to improve the performance of the machines on the bottom and top, while the Middle rounds tend to be similar to the standard.

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