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Passing GT125 Garuda, Yamaha Would Like To Kobarkan The Spirit Of Nationalism

Indeed, the unique manufacturer of motorcycles from Japan, Yamaha released the motorcycle themed nationalism GT125 Garuda Special Edition. Through this model, Yamaha hoping were http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/03/daftar-harga-motor-kawasaki-ninja.html able to come back to burn the spirit of nationalism.

"The role of design from Indonesia increasingly significant. We try what specifically from Indonesian batik, last year and this year's "open nationalism, Dyonisius Beti, Vice President Director of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

"The selected Motor is the most prestigious GT125 segment skutik and the wearer is young, we want people to hearten the nationalism of the young child," chimes in this friendly guy.
"We see the Yamaha in Indonesia is already 40 years old and was part of indonesia. 1 million jobs  http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2014/03/harga-honda-vario.html from dealer suplayer leasing and others. The product may be global but his value added what Indonesia, local content made his already 94 percent even so export base. Indonesia is not only a market but also so so export base, "he explained at great length.

Design concepts are given on the motor this is the "Garuda Fighting Spirit" which expresses the spirit of patriotism and struggle against Indonesia. By design there are three traits on the graphic.
The first is the Garuda signature head, a silhouette design of garuda at the front of the body. Second is the Garuda signature wing on the rear body which represents speed as garuda to ambush prey.

And last is the Garuda carving mark, gragia carved garuda from Ramayana story that is located on the inside of the existing graphics. For there are two colors, a Brave red Garuda and Lions Glory with gold color that symbolizes the triumph.

Are for the price of jualnya, this bike is just more expensive Rp 100 thousand on the road compared to the standard version of Jakarta.

"Our Target is indeed small, only 20 thousand units, but if it does not start, who's going to appreciate nationalism," close Dyon

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